never been hipper ya'll

as you know from previous posts (and general ramblings and mentions) the ‘new car’ thought is never far from my mind. and i’ve even toyed, semi seriously, about a mini-van. anyone who has one tells you it’s the best thing they ever did. mainly because it’s true, but partially because they’re wondering what happened to that flirty twenty something now wearing a turtleneck, covered in juicey juice and goldfish crumbs driving an egg on wheels. come on, you know i’m right.

but yesterday as i drove to get the kids, windows down, 85 degree air flowing through my hair and wyclef’s sweetest girl bumping through my stock kick ass system, it hit me. i can not EVER  listen to sweetest girl, with my shades on, feeling somewhat badass and sexy in a sienna. or an odyssey. and especially not in a town and country. not ever.

so unless i’m ready to stick to the coffee house station until death do me part, i gotta go with the suv. that is of course, once i get some discretionary dollar, dollar bills ya’ll.  

in related news, my girl friend gave me her marie claire last week – i brought it to work and put it next to my medela in the ”milk room”. geez, i thought bubble breaker was a great way to pass the time; holymotha is marie claire a serious treat. usually i’m a total pump-procrastinator but this week? can’t get in there quickly enough.

not that i was ever a marie claire reader; even in my pre-kiddo days. but these in-the-throes-of-kids days any magazine without parenting tips and quick 30 minute meal ideas is like, thrilling. ones with the newest couture trends, make-up tips and hair product must-haves? forgetaboutit. i read each and every page in its entirety – even the terrible horoscope (which told me my facebook relationship status will be changing this month – sorry babe), the girl with the eating disorder who righted herself and the woman who went to jail for drug trafficking (her chosen profession after graduating from smith. really?). and yes, those seriously were the article topics. and yes, this is probably why i have never been a marie claire reader.

after all 224 pages, this is what i learned: pale pastel colors for the eyes is the go-to this spring, esprit has been re-born, and birkenstock has a full page add for their gizeh sandal, now available  in twilight blue. oh, and chunky “hardware” (jewelry) can really spruce up a simple bathing suit. sure it can. that and pull you to the depths of the ocean floor in twenty-two seconds flat.

i suppose my point is that i have a really pretty light lavender eye shadow (circa 2002) that i pulled out and dusted off this morning (yes, i know you’re supposed to throw out that stuff after like 6 months. sorry, just not happening). i’ve got three pairs of birkenstocks so worn in you can almost see my feet in them. and esprit? well, obvi i’ve got a few pieces laying around from oh, 1989. please tell me so much has happened in the last fifteen years that we’ve come full circle? please?

more importanly, if you see some poor schlep on the beach this summer with a huge, chunky gold chain necklace, paired perfectly with a simple black one-piece, it is your societal obligation to suggest a life preserver, or at the very least a pair of arm floaties.

happy spring and (quickly) approaching summer. dig out your orange esprit sweatshirt and slide those smiling toes into their proverbial birks. it’s 2010 and believe it or not, you’ve never been hipper.



to the moon and back


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