Never mind “if you got it, flaunt it”. Flaunt what you got!

It all started when someone by the name of Caroline Berg Eriksen posted the selfie above just a few days after giving birth and the Internet went crazy with craziness.

Who is Caroline Berg Eriksen?

That’s not the point but if you must know, here’s the Toronto Sun story.

Here’s the point . . .

As women we are such hypocrites

On the one hand we support and encourage each other and when one of us does a little good in the success department (read: takes a few steps towards our goals) we pat each other on the backs and say things like, YOU GO, GIRLFRIEND!!!

But as soon as that same back is turned something happens. We compare our friend’s achievements to ourselves – even though she is she and we is we – and suddenly we get all a fluster and hate her for her success . . . or nice hair  . . . or flat stomach . . . or whatever.

We’re told all the time – by EACH OTHER – to raise our level of confidence and “show the world”.

But then as soon as we do, we pounce on each other and project our insecurities onto the success of our “friends”.

We’re all good when someone comes out of the self-critiquing closet and flaunts her so-called “faults” but as soon as someone does the same with a quality it becomes a game-changer. Why is that?

That’s just CRAZY and here’s why

Have I ever told you my age? Well I’ll be 49-years old next month. That’s right. I’M ALMOST 50.

I know that sounds old to some of you. Ancient even. But guess what? I’m still me. I’m still happy with what I see in the mirror (on most days). I can still out-run my kids. And I can still touch my toes.

BUT . . .

I know that I’ll never be as good as I once was. Those days are over.

The perky eyelids of my 20s are gone, replaced by gravity-inspired hoods.

The smooth kneecaps of my 30s are gone, replaced by gravity-inspired elephant skin.

(Damn you gravity!)

But once upon a not-so-long time ago, I could shine my youthful glow with the best of them – but did I appreciate it?

Nope. I was too busy worrying about what people were thinking.

Today I don’t give a rat’s ass what people think (one of the perks to being my age) but now that those days are gone, I WISH I had had the confidence to appreciate my non-gravity-inspired skin and glow. Not to put it in other people’s faces – but to APPRECIATE me for myself at that time.

All that to say . . .

Ladies, shut the fuck up AND FLAUNT WHAT YOU GOT

It’s bad enough we have to listen to the voices in our own heads.

And never mind expressions like “if you’ve got it, flaunt it”.

We ALL got something. SO FLAUNT THAT!

I’m not saying to go out and be a bitch about it. I’m just saying “APPRECAITE WHAT YOU GOT – cuz before you know it, it’ll be hoods and elephant knees and it won’t matter that you made someone else feel insecure. That’s <i>their</i> problem.

The end.

Oh wait! One more thing . . .

There’s nothing more beautiful than confidence. (I didn’t say “arrogance”, I said CONFIDENCE.)

Now it’s the end.


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