New to this...

So my mom has Congestive heart failure,Vtach,and an enlarged heart with a weak heart muscle. She is only 48years old and this all started in October of last year. Mom has been having a hard time with all of this mentally, which is TOTALLY understandable. We were at a dr appt and someone said something about blogging. Well hell, why didnt I think about that?? Well, because I have never done it before, soo here I am and this is my first blog! YAY me!! Lol!!

Caregiving is very difficult itself, though even more so when it is a family member you are taking care of. Me, I am helping with 2 sets of grandparents and now my mommy. I suffer from Depression myself so it can be very trying for me at times. Trying to stay positive and happy to help those I am caring for feel better. Boy oh boy that is difficult. I have found that taking it day by day and prayer is really helping me. I do have a wonderful boyfriend who does help me to stay same and I know that helps too.

I would like any other suggestions that anyone would have to help with the staying sane part... please feel free to comment.

Thanks for reading!  xoxo MzBla916  


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