a new addition to the family (no, it's not a baby)

As of today, we have a new addition to our family. My son had a job transfer and was unable to take his prized possession. A very large, but beautifully trained dog. My son does not yet have children, so his dog has been the recipient of his undivided attention. Am I nervous? You bet. Do I think this will work? Oh my God, I certainly hope so. We have had her stay with us a few times for a few days to sort of "preview" how this would work. The concern for all was my son can rage. Huge, violent, major rages. What would the dog do? Well, at this point, the experience has been the dog actually has a calming affect on my son. Being a very "busy" child, the dog seems to be giving him something to focus on that never tires of attention! The dog loves to be petted constantly. The dog doesn't mind at all being taken outside every 20 minutes. So, for right now, this actually seems to be very therapeutic for him. I am very excited right now. On a whole other note, my daughter completely ignores the dog. No idea why. She is just as hyper so I thought she would enjoy all the "work" involved. Not so much. So, we will see how this goes. Feeling confident today. Although, you should see the size of her bed! Almost the size of a twin mattress. No idea at all where that is going.




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