To new adventures

Sometimes in life you get a chance to venture off the path you are currently hiking, and see some of the scenery. Sometimes you climb the mountain, sometimes you walk the river, sometimes you coast the waves, and sometimes you grab your tube to ride! It is easy in life to stay on the safe path, but it doesn't always bring you the happiness you so desire.

Latly I have been pondering...what I want out of life I guess, and this safe path is just not doing it anymore. Starting this summer I will be going part time at work, starting school full time for physical therapy assistant, and will be spending much more time with my peanut. I will be able to expose her to the things I want her exposed to. I will be able to enjoy life with her, and all the great adventures we face as a family.

I will be able to fish, hike, and canoe more. I will be able to enjoy life for what and I believe it should be. I will be able to garden, and life the simple life as we planned. We love our country setting. We did make the mistake of buying our retirement home for our first home...but then again we don't really consider it a mistake. Smart planning, or dumb luck....whatever you call it, we are never moving again. We are going to turn our casa into our home, our serenity, our happiness.

I anticipate it will take much time, money, and hard work. But it will be worth it. To enjoy the finished project when we retire. O did I mention our house will be paid off in full on my 55th birthday. So long way, but I will be so young when this happens. I will just work for 10 years to save money after that....o what a spactacular retirement we have in mind....hope all works out.

Until then, I will hold this new adventure close, and appreciate the oppertunity I have been belssed with. My wish for everyone is happiness....go out and get your one in history is known for taking the "safe" path....they took chances....breath on!

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