The New Age of 'Random Act of Kindness'

The New Age of “Random Act of Kindness” is all over the universe.  Everyone is drinking the koolaide.  Gotta join the fun.  AND ONE MUST post it on Twitter, #RandomActOfKindness ,Facebook, OR SOME SOCIAL MEDIA!! It makes a person want to puke.  Yes, you read that correctly PUKE!!!!

Seriously, if you are in line at Starbucks and you pay for the person behind you then who in the hell cares?  Seriously, you both are at STARBUCKS.  Um, neither of you are ‘hurting’ if you are buying a ‘cup of joe’ at a Starbucks!  Woohoo, you took no extra effort except to PAY another 6 bucks for someone who could afford their drink?  I guess ONE could call it an ACT OF KINDNESS?!?!  Personally, I think IT is pushing IT! Just sayin’ Worse, you turn around and  Tweet or Facebook about your kindness.  “I did this Random Act of Kindness, so you should do it too, because IT FEELS AWESOME to be NICE.  SERIOUSLY?  Have we lost our flippin minds? I think we have.  I have been told I should not give ‘the bum’ on the street money, it does him/her no good but it is a good thing to pay for the dude who can clearly afford his Starbucks coffee? Seriously, that is the more human thing to do? I mean,really? Yep,we have flipped our lids! We walk by homeless people and consider them ‘dirt’ and it is just too bad they got there and then brag about buying a person a Starbuck’s coffee?!?!  Goodness,we have totally misplaced our compassion.

Here is a true RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS.  Don’t want to give the so called ‘loser bum’ money?  Then, actually give him/her socks, a blanket, a coat and hey, take a moment out of your day and buy him/her a coffee and a hamburger.  Of course, that is happening because you all have to  TWEET it or put it on Facebook.  Which is great you did something nice!!!  Yep, you can label IT a ‘Random Act of Kindness’ but one wonders about the motivation? Was it for kindness or for the Tweet/Facebook factor?  Must we shout it from our  LITTLE MOUNTAIN TOP?

Nicole Garvey@nicolegarvey_

Bought a homeless man coffee and gave his dog making people smile..spread the love #RandomActsOfKindness

Sydney Ryan Hess@SydneyRyan122

We just gave a homeless man a whole plate of food, he was soo happy! #ifeelsogoodaboutmyself #randomactsofkindness

You know what is a better TWEET?  A person THANKING!!!


Thank you random stranger who was kind enough to hand me their maximum time parking pass #RandomActsOfKindness

 BETTER YET, stop doing RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS and BECOME KIND!!   Smile all the time! Stop tail-gating with you car and flipping people off on the road.  Be nice on public transportation ALL THE TIME!! Be polite at the grocery store EVERY DAY!! Stop fighting over parking spots,it does the body good to walk from a far away spot! Be nice to your fellow colleagues ,Say “good morning” and ask, “how was your weekend?” Stop fighting on Twitter and other social media forums, especially over silly stuff.  I see people fight over television shows, celebrities and of course, politics and religion, stop, listen to each other,be kind and considerate.  And do actual day in and day out volunteering.  Oh, and give REAL MONEY to a cause, you know a lot a money, something that takes sacrifice!

Anyway,Guess you can tell my little pet peeve. So sick of charity for gain.  Padding resumes.  Or, just plain boasting about your so called 'Random Acts of Kindness'.  The second you start blabbing about it you lose me.  Just do it, please,just do it!!! Honestly,you will feel better just doing it!!!


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