The New Age of Save-the-Date Cards

Save-the-date cards are a critical step in planning your wedding. I recommend sending out save-the-dates 9 months to a year before your wedding if possible.  While these can add an extra cost, they are an important step, and there are many new alternatives to the basic.

For couples who are worried about costs, try creating a website. Many wedding planning sites offer them for free. Send an email out to all guests with a link to the website – easy enough!

Here are some other traditional and nontraditional ways to get creative with your save-the-dates:

Traditional Ideas:

1. Photo Magnet
This magnet usually includes the couple’s engagement photo, as well as an announcement of the wedding date.  Magnets are great because they can be kept on the refrigerator for years.  I have magnets from weddings 4 years ago still on my refrigerator!

2. Calendar Announcement
A calendar card is sent out with the date of the big day outlined with a heart or star.  This is a very cute idea for couples who don’t want to send out a photo of themselves.  

3. Traditional Card with Rhinestones
My favorite is a traditional white card (preferably made of metallic paper) with black or silver writing that simply announces the date and place of the big day.  The couple’s initials adorn the top of the announcement with a strategically placed Swarovski rhinestone on each initial.  It is simple, but very elegant.

Nontraditional Ideas:

1) Holiday Cards
A great way to announce the date of the wedding (depending on when you get engaged) is to announce it in a holiday/Christmas card.  You kill two birds with one stone doing it this way! Or, if you’re having an engagement party around the holidays, you can have ornaments personalized with the wedding date as favors for the guests. (Just like magnets, ornaments live on forever!)

2) Postcards
If you’re having a destination wedding, order postcards from the location. Include all of the information on the back and mail them to guests.  This is a great way to get guests excited and see where they will be traveling.  

3) Comedic Photos
For the funny couple who wants to express their sense of humor, a great save-the-date card would be a picture of either a “ball and chain” or hands in handcuffs.  Wouldn’t you laugh if you received this type of save-the-date?  

4) Baby Pictures of the Bride and Groom
A lot of couples use their engagement photos for their save-the-date announcements.  Why not change things up and use baby pictures?  How cute would that be, seeing the bride and groom when they were little?  I am sure it would bring tears to some family members’ eyes!

5) YouTube
For the technologically gifted couple (who also wants to be green and not waste paper), a great way to announce your wedding date is via YouTube.  You can create a video of yourselves showing different stages of each of your lives, from childhood to when you met, and then show pictures of the church or wedding location and end with the date being displayed.  It can get as creative as the couple or videographer wants to be!  Simply send an email to all guests and family members with the link attached.   

My final piece of advice is to not get too carried away with themes when making save-the-date cards. In my experience, many brides want to match the color or theme of their wedding to them (and any- and everything else).  Shop around and see what you like, without trying to focus on a theme or color too much, especially if you have an extended period between the save-the-date cards and the actual wedding (i.e., a year or so).

During the wedding planning process, your tastes and likes will change after seeing tons of ideas online and in stores. What you wanted for the save-the-date card may not be the same as the wedding invitation. Keep that in mind, and most of all, try to relax and have fun when making your save-the-dates. Your guests will be focused on the promise of celebration more than anything else – and you should be, too.

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