A New Blog to Critique

I am doing a "soft launch" right here. I am welcoming critiques.  Be kind but constructive.....

You see, I have this new blog about gardening.....you can visit it here:

It is called "Julie Brown Gardening" and I am hoping to provide resources relative to gardening, in particular, in the Ozarks but they should apply to other areas too, with adjustments for timing in season, etc.

I love to garden. I have ever since I was young, but have really become obsessed with the culture and methods in the last decade or so....some say, that has to do with age. I am not sure, but I feel compelled to share, since my lifetime in agriculture and my training in animal and plant science gives me some sources and years of experience to "pull from". So enjoy the observances of a Hillbilly lady from the Ozarks. I know I have a lot of work to do but I  am excited to start the sharing......

Thanks ~JB

"Farm Is Where the Heart Is"


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