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Since I started my new blog and made the leap to self- hosting I felt like it was a good time to invest in my future! You can imagine how excited I was when I starting getting all the Blogher emails about the annual conference! I would say timing is everything and timing was perfect for me! And who could pass up Chicago in July? July in Florida is pretty nasty hot! New to this Blogher rodeo, I did what other blogger do. I turned to blogs and joined group to find out more! I seriously knew nothing! I am one of those blogger who knows no other bloggers outside of our blog world. Truth be told that no one knows I was blogging except for my hubby. Then after about 9 months I told 3 close friends. Yup just 4 people to this very date. As I'm finding my way in the blogging community & Blogher'13, I started hearing and finding out about the parties, the invite, guest lists and the swag bags! Wow! Talk about overwelhaming but what an opportunity to shine! I can't say that I'm very shy and don't like a good party! I love socializing, meeting new people, planning my outfits and parting!! Let's talk about these parties! Blogher holds their own open to everyone no invite or special invitation required! The sponsored parties however are invite only! For the new rodeo stars, don't be surprised if you don't get a single invite! Not to worry! Blogher to the recue! So don't feel bad, it's not your fault, your just not cool... Totally not the case! It's for the people with the most followers, or that have been around the longest... Totally not true! Maybe your email address wasn't easily seen on your blog or whatever! It really doesn't matter! I really can't say what it is because this is my first Blogher rodeo! New bloggers, veteran bloggers, whether you have a hundred followers or thousands. We are all stars! And we are all coming together for this amazing Blogher' 13 event! But come on let's be real... It's not high school and its not a popularity contest or is it? Who really cares! Us new rodeo stars, we are a breath of fresh air with a whole new outlook and perspective! We're cool, fun, and we've got the Blogher Newbie Breakfast! Don't get discouraged about not being invited! The sponsored parties are just one other thing at Blogher amongst all the other fantastic events, speakers, & Blogher parties! Us new rodeo stars need to stay focused and learn from this amazing experience! Stop worrying new rodeo stars we'll be new together! Getting lost along the way and all sharing Blogher'13 as our first rodeo! Let's continue to shine and not let the not getting invited dull our sparkle!! Hope to meet you all at the Blogher Newbie Breakfast!! Look for me I'll be the one in sparkles! Cheers!!

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