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Last night, my insomnia paid off. I was awake to watch the long awaited re-launch of BlogHer profiles and for once, I was glad for the insomnia. The profiles are fantastic. Here's what you'll see if you click on my name or my picture anywhere on Denise's Profile.

Here's what you need to do to personalize yours.

1) Log into BlogHer and click "My Account". You'll be on your "account settings" page. If you don't have a photo or avatar uploaded, you need to do that first. (Photos must be at least 160x160 - if you're having trouble uploading your image, open it in a graphics program and change the size so that the smallest dimension is at least 160 - save the image and then upload it again. If you're still having trouble, email and tell me what your BlogHer name is - I'll help you.)

2) Click "Public Profile". Every field on this page is optional but anything you include on this page will be visible to the public and could be found via search engine. You'll see two bio fields - they may both be empty or you may have some data in the one labeled "Bio from the Old Site". We were able to save those old bios but they aren't visible to anyone except you. If you want to use this one in your new profile, just copy and paste it into the "Bio" block.

3) Click "My BlogHer Conferences", "Tags" and "Sites" to expand new fields. You'll see that all of the data you had in the old profiles is gone - sorry, we had to start fresh in order to make this beautiful and functional tool. Fill in some of the blanks or all of the blanks - it's up to you to determine what you share about yourself and your online presence.

Some things to notice:

* The "tags" are not clickable - they're simply words or phrases (comma separated) that will help people get to know you and what you blog about. (The next phase will have tags that "do stuff" - don't ask me what they'll do, we haven't gotten that part completely ironed out yet.)

* In the "sites" area you can add the RSS feed for up to 10 of your blogs, sites, profiles, social networking affiliations. Or, you can just add the links. Or, you can add a combo. If you choose RSS for your content, only the title will be pulled in. Readers will have to click the link in order to access your content. (No scraping is happening here.)

* If you save any changes to your profile and you don't see them appear immediately, do a hard refresh of your browser. (Hold CTRL and reload the browser, hold the Apple key and reload the browser, click CTRL F5.) If you still do not see your changes, after doing a hard refresh, send me an email and I'll look into the problem.

* There is a "User Data" tab within your account area. This is the original basic profile. It won't be easily accessed via BlogHer but it is not private or hidden from view. Some of us have had our this old profile indexed in Google, so these pages might be found through search. Using BlogHer's site search by user will also return this profile page - though we are hoping to change that very quickly. Those are the only two ways someone can find the "User Data" page. - Updated: site search has been updated so the Public Profile is linked in user search results.

Go have fun with the profiles, I have to quit playing with them and get back to work.


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