A New Book Shows Why You Should Be Proud to Be A Feminist

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[Do you call yourself a feminist? While some women think the label is passé, even polarizing, and magazines like Bust have stripped the word from their covers, a new book called “The Future of Feminism” by Sylvia Walby reveals how significant feminism is to improving women's lives. Jessa Crispin at The SmartSet is thrilled by its wonky approach.--Mona]

She writes:

It wasn’t until the book was over and back on my shelf that I realized how long it had been since I’d read a book about the state of feminism that was so gloriously impersonal. No anecdotes about personal oppression, no giving a face to the issue, no whispery confessions about dark times and dark encounters. Just policy. Just wonderful, wonderful facts — from the gendered aspects of the financial crisis (as most of these corporations that caused the crisis were run by exclusively male boards and executives) to the contributions that feminist theory can make to environmental policy.

Read the full post on The Future of Feminism on The Smart Set now.

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