A New Briefcase for BlogHer Food

New briefcase for BlogHer Food In case you haven’t heard, I’m speaking at BlogHer Food later this week. I’m honored to be doing so and am very excited. So excited that while you’re reading this, I’m having a clothing crisis about what to wear. Yes, friends, it’s a cyclone in my closet right this very second. This new briefcase is definitely going with me to BlogHer Food. It was an estate sale treasure that I found several years ago and it’s been taking up space on my sewing table. It has room for all of my essentials including a space for my water bottle and reading glasses. I mean a girl needs to keep herself hydrated while she's reading, doesn't she?

New Briefcase for BlogHer Food

I bought it on the half price sale day so it cost $1.50. Estate sale treasure The handles were broken and the plastic lining needed replacing. A new briefcase I used the old lining as a pattern for the new inside, just like I did on my handbag that's from an estate sale. Replacing broken handle on bag And I had to replace the leather strap for the handle. All of my leather replacement parts and leather rivets came from Oregon Leather and if you need anything leather or bridle related, you will find it there. You know I love to pack very little when travelingbut for this 3-day trip to Seattle, I’m bringing more clothing than I am for our 3-week home exchange to Spain this summer! As soon as I’m done with this briefcase, I’ll tell you all about it.

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