New: Caribbean Children’s Short Story

Well I finally did it.  I completed my first short story for children. I’ve been brainstorming the idea for months now, but I tell you, it’s hard to get into that KID mode when you’ve been writing adult fictions for years.  You see, I’ve been nostalgic for my younger years in Trinidad; reading stories about our local ‘adventures’.  I love to buy and collect books and my mom thinks I was crazy buying up books I used to read in Trinidad on our last visit to Barbados some years ago.  Reading those books and listening to Retro Soca brings me back to my life in Trinidad.

But these stories aren’t really about me.  They are about the life folks live in the Caribbean.  Some people look at islands like Trinidad, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Dominica and other islands in the West Indies as just third world countries living in poverty and other plights; when it is so much more.  This is what I hope to introduce to you and to also give the people in the Antilles a voice.  We are filled with so much color.

The first story I’ve completed is called “Little Giselle goes to Manzanilla Beach”.  Little Giselle will be the star of these short stories, along with her Mommy and her Daddy, her big sister, Tricia and her little brother, Joseph.

Twenty copies of this book will be given away for free for you to read to your children and give feedback.  I need SERIOUS readers requesting a copy.  And I’m sure that once your children have been exposed to the Caribbean culture, or for you folks who are from the Caribbean and love the idea of reading about Manzanilla Beach, and other ’soon-come’ fictional stories – they would want more.



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