A New Chapter In Life: Getting to Happy

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How fitting that I received the copy of Terry McMillan's Getting to Happy, the week following the finalization of my divorce!! True story, I promise!! I realize this is not a self-help book on actually getting me happy; however, there was so much that I could personally relate to in this book. I was a bit nervous that I would be somewhat lost being that it is a sequel to Waiting to Exhale, and the fact that I was ten when the book came out and thirteen when the movie came out. In all honesty I think I saw parts of the movie, but I see glimpses of Kevin Costner, and I am certain I am confusing it with The Bodyguard, I digress. My point was –- I was not lost!! There is a reintroduction to the characters that is extremely helpful and in no way feels out of place. The day I received the book I also had to take the kids to the doctor, I sat in the waiting room for an eternity and passed my time reading. This is such an easy book to read, a bit confusing as it bounces back and forth between the characters narrating their parts, but once you get the hang of the flow you don’t even notice it.

My copy was sent to my office, and I opened the package and started reading -- we’ll say I was on my lunch break –- I read through the first four chapters before I realized, I actually have a full time job that I need to be doing.

Savannah, Gloria, Robin, and Bernadine are reintroduced to the world in their fifties, which I think is kind of the “new thirties,” and the last fifteen years is summed up in about four chapters, catching you up if you are familiar with their history, and if not, explaining enough about them that you are not completely lost as you read forward. I can relate to several of the characters in their various bouts of personal drama -– mainly because there is emphases on the men in their lives that lie, cheat, steal, etc. There are also men that shine because of their good nature, and honesty – -which I can also relate to. It is not a “male bashing” type of scenario that paints all men out to be horrible monsters and make you want to start a new “She-Woman Man Hater’s Club.” Nonetheless, the ladies continue through the next bit of their lives finding happiness and peace with where they are in their lives. The women are smart, successful, and funny. There is some adult language, and several four letter words, but there were multiple times that I would literally laugh out loud!! It sounds cliché, but it is “laugh out loud funny!!"

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