How Many Congolese Women Must Be Raped?

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[According to a new study, 420,000 women in the Congo are raped each year. While the numbers might be staggering, the tragedy is hardly news. The real issue is, when will the United States and other developed nations act? The Curvature wonders if we ever will. -Mona]

New Congo Rape Statistics Inspire Competitive Headlines, Not Much Else

Do we care now? Will the subject merit our true attention? Will we suddenly start listening to Congolese survivors? Are we ashamed for not having listened more closely before, for not believing the full magnitude when women were already telling us the truth? Where precisely is the cut off point for compassion and a sense justice? How many women must be raped before we start to care enough to look at the causes? How high do the numbers have to be?

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shame in the Congo

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