New Couponer Question

I'm kind of new to the whole serious couponer world and have a ton of questions. One that's recently come up for me is whether it's a good idea to cut every single coupon, whether you think you'll use it in the next few months... or just let it go.

I ask because a couple of weeks ago there was a coupon for some liquid tears and I didn't clip the coupon because I wasn't planning on buying any. We buy this for my partner's mom several times a year and she hadn't recently mentioned it so I passed on the coupon.

Flash forward and Walgreens had a buy one get equivalent RR back and if I'd had that coupon, the liquid tears purchase would have actually given me money back rather than just being "free".


I'm not trying to be hardcore stockpiler but this kind of deal just made sense. So, now I'm tempted to clip every coupon ... just in case.

What do you do? Do you clip them all and keep them just in case? Do you clip them all and send the ones you know you won't use to friends, family, coupon trains etc.? Do you just clip what you're sure you'll use?

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