New Definition of Frustration: Yahoo Email

In the past months, my Yahoo email has been unavailable, slow to load and constantly changing. Just when I thought they'd finally de-bugged the bugger and settled on an interface (albeit a remarkably unwieldy one), they've come up with a new log-in preface: You must enter your mobile phone number. 

The chirpy message says: "Forgetting your password can be frustrating. Now, Yahoo! has made recovering your account simple via text message in seconds! It’s fast: simply enter your mobile number."

Actually it's impossible for those of us who (gasp) don't own a cell phone.  And Yahoo doesn't offer any option for Luddites.  The two buttons are either: "Save and Continue" (I have nothing to enter so nothing to save" or "Remind Me Later," which means you have to go through this two-step process EVERY time you log in.

I therefore attempted to contact Yahoo, which is where my Through the Looking Glass with the Un-Google began.  Click Help and (for lieu of an other option), try Unable to Sign into My Account.

Then it offers various options, none of which are relevant, with this cheerful note: "Contact Customer Care using one of the options provided on Yahoo Help." 

And there is no link to Customer Care or Yahoo Help.  I tried various routes to contact "Customer Care" (which is an oxymoron) to ask them to please include an option for landline phone users. No way, no how.

Hello, Yahoo? Are you there?


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