New drug helps autistic and Fragile X kids with social interactions

Did you hear this on NPR this morning? So awesome! 

A new experimental drug called Arbaclofen is being used in trials (on humans) with great results. The drug specifically helps those with Fragile X who have issues with social interactions (a common symptom of both Fragile X and autism).

In a recent study, the drug was given to 63 kids and adults with Fragile X. Although it didn't help with irritability, it did help with social discomfort. One of the mothers said her son was able to go to a pool party and enjoy himself for two hours, which is a major accomplishment considering he has always thrown tantrums and bite and scream and kick when he was told he was going to any kind of party.

Arbaclofen works by adjusting once-overactive brain signals.

Here's the study:

and here's a piece in Time magazine: