New Health Fad Wants to Up Your Alkaline

A new health fad involves alkaline products.  Marketers are promoting that the body has an imbalance of acid in the body due to acid-producing foods such as meat and processed foods. Their claim involves raising the alkaline levels to neutralize that acid which will result in better health.  Some products state they provide better health.  Other products advertise that they provide: weight loss, slow the aging process, and prevent disease.  According to Consumer Report, these claims are unsupported and inconsistent.

Measured on the pH scale, a substance is considered alkaline if it has a pH above 7, acidic if it has a pH below 7, and neutral if it is exactly 7.  As a point of reference, distilled water has a pH of 7, lemon juice is about a 2 on the scale, and baking soda registers at 9.

Tanis Fenton, Ph.D., a registered dietician, epidemiologist and professor at University of Calgary says that our “Kidneys are effective at excreting the acid that these products claim to help.”

These products come in the form of water, ionizing machines, and test strips.

The Food & Drug Administration has rejected certain health claims made by these product manufacturers.  Whenever choosing to spend money on products, no matter what the claims, investigate claims, and ask questions.