A New Home?

Following a telephone conversation with my landlord on Thursday I have had a lot to think about. I was sent a letter by the company who deals with the ins and outs of renting my apartment something like 6 months about informing me that my landlord was looking to sell my apartment and offering me the first chance to buy it in accordance with the rules here. I then received a short visit from the landlord himself (the first and only time I have met him) who came by to check out the place and take some photos and measurements. He seemed a pretty friendly fella so I enquired as to what his plans were and he told me that he lives in Nurenburg is 77 and no longer has any use for the apartment. I guess he'd heard that Neuk├Âlln's star is starting to rise (for those based here in Berlin all you need to do is be a regular reader of Zitty to see how many articles are written about all the changes going on in this area of mine) and figured now was the time to pack up shop here. Things then went quiet for a while until I received a call out of nowhere from an estate agent based here in Berlin asking to come look at the flat. He was also a pretty amenable chap and I told him that I was aware how the rules work here in Berlin and that as a renter I know I have the right to pretty much stay put should I choose to. I asked him what the likelihood was that a buyer would be found who would want to rent out the place and he said ''so so''. Since then I have had one viewing from a woman who indeed wanted to live here herself and who seemed rather disappointed although kindly understanding that I too want to live here and from the estate agent based in Nurenburg who asked me that question yet again ''do you want to keep living there?''. This is quite clearly the big question of the moment so I wasn't too surprised to receive a message on my answerphone from the landlord asking me to call him back which I did.

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