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Somebody has to do it. So I do it. What is it? Read the technology blogs, what did you think I was talking about?

I skim the Blogs tab on the home page looking for new technology blogs. They are rare. Very rare. When I find a newly listed blog that bears the technology label I get all oogly googly and click INSTANTLY to see what's there.

I also wander aimlessly among the alphabetical listing of technology blogs that have been registered with BlogHer for a long time. Hmmm, I think, is that one new? Have I read this one yet? Sometimes all that oogly googly hmmmming gets me somewhere. Here's where it got me this week. Maybe I exaggerated with the new and improved teaser headline, but some are new to me and they are all wonderful good. isn't news. Nope. But I just discovered two sections of that have info that is brand new on my horizon. The first is Jennifer's Web Design/HTML Blog on This is Jennifer Kyrnin's blog about my two favorite subjects: web design and HTML. Jennifer, why didn't I know you were there before? I'm so sorry I missed you all this time. I'll make up for it, I promise. I already read your article about Choosing the right web design software and voted in your poll about your age when you learned HTML and looked around a whole lot more.

I found another site about weblogs in our BlogHer blogrolls. It is Susan Gunelius' blog, Web Logs. Susan talks about Landing a Professional Blogging Gig and about Navigating the sea of Blogging Software and more great blogging articles to make you happy. How about getting on with Jennifer or Susan?

Did you know there's a niche out there just for wikis, wikimedia, free content and free culture? That niche is being filled by Brianna at All the Modern Things, where you can find about wiki related topics such as The Need for a Self-Documenting Community and The Kaltura Brouhaha while keeping up on your inner wikiness.

Maybe Wikis are a little more than what you wanted to know. But you do want to know about search engine optimization and usability. I know you do. That's why you want to know about Cre8pc on Usability and Holistic SEO. Cre8pc can take a topic like Why I Don't Want to Twitter My Life Away and make it about working from home, Facebook, global community, and reading books. I found it interesting reading. I used to agree with her. I still don't use Twitter, but I've been convinced by Beth Kanter that is isn't so bad. Beth or no Beth, Twitter or no Twitter, cre8pc and I are kindred spirits. Cre8pc on Usability and Holistic SEO is a blog in support of a consulting business, so if you are trying to run a web-based business and are thinking about how to use a blog to help you on your way, this blog is worth a look from that perspective.

The Webgrrls Blog isn't really new to me. It contains articles about all sorts of tech topics. The last time I tried to subscribe to it in my RSS feed reader, I ran into so many difficulties that I gave it up. A change of some sort has taken place there, however, and now it is easy to subscribe. So go subscribe. W00t!


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