New Life for Giveaways and Throwaways

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Katy is part of 'The Compact,' a global movement of people who strive not to buy anything new for a whole year. As a result, she's become master of the Stuff Makeover:

"First was converting a skateboard deck into a shelf for my son’s room. These skateboards were given out as freebies at a Portland Timbers soccer game a few weeks ago, and despite not being all that into skateboarding, my sons eagerly brought them home. Now, there was no way I was going to buy wheels to go with these super low quality decks, but it occurred to me they would make great shelves above their desks. Luckily, I remembered that my mother had a rotted out and rusty shelf sitting in her driveway, which I snagged for the project...."


Skateboard Shelf

Image credit: Katy Wolk-Stanley via The Non-Consumer Advocate.

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