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Editor's Update, Stardate: Saturday, March 7, 2010. Estimated time to launch: 24 hours. You may experience Read Only status as we initiate site launch sequence. Stay tuned as we work in warp speed toward a new BlogHer.com!

Hi everyone,

We have exciting news: BlogHer's beloved hermoticon and logo are getting a new look this week. So is our tagline. Soon you'll see this logo and tagline on a brand-new BlogHer.com Web site. Voila!

BlogHer logo 2010




Why change, you may wonder? I'll share the story. We love the little lady that Artist Purvi Shah drew for us from punctuation marks in 2005. Our "hermoticon" is all women, all races, ages, sizes, shapes and interests -- that's BlogHer.

Yet as we've grown, we began to think our mark and our tagline -- The community for women who blog -- needed to evolve to reflect all that BlogHer and the community 20+ million women we reach every month have grown to be. BlogHer Inc. now leads a seris of conferences for bloggers, an award-winning community news and social hub here at BlogHer.com, and a massive publishing network with 2,500+ bloggers who write superb stories, news and commentary on everything from parenting to politics while showcasing marketing and offers from Fortune 500 advertisers. We're expanding and evolving rapidly, just like women in social media. With the writing and commentary on BlogHer.com and across our publishing network, BlogHer serves many communities -- women who blog, yes, and also people seeking excellent online commentary and conversation, whether they speak out themselves or not. Those people may be readers, or media types or marketers or all of the above.

Given the diversity of what we cover on this site, we decided the key to our new tagline was crafting a line that is pithy and profoundly appropriate but without being glib or making us snore (or gag). So we took a short list for feedback to BlogHer's contributing editors as well as the 2,500+ bloggers in BlogHer's publishing network.

The winner? There was no contest: Life well said was the breakaway favorite, with nearly 3x as many votes as the other suggestions. We had our new tagline.

The tagline led us to examine all the ideas we received from bloggers we asked for advice. While each suggested tagline was different, most communicated that BlogHer is about:

...and, of course, voices of women

What's more, the write-in taglines were very clear about BlogHer's personality, stating that:

BlogHer is about everything – not just one thing
BlogHer and its users are purposeful – BlogHer is used to network, connect, get opinions out
BlogHer is for all women – only 20 of 358 write-in taglines mentioned blogs or blogging

...so, armed with this insight, we decided we had ample permission from members of the BlogHer community keep the "hermoticon" woman in our logo. She is a woman, and, as I said above, she every and any race, ethnicity, size, shape, color and country. That's BlogHer.
     However, we decided to give her a new look, one that would allow her to render better at much smaller sizes (the current one doesn't). The result? A stronger mark with more character, as opposed to one that is perfectly true to the keyboard. One that we would all recognize and love just as much. And we do.

Which is how we arrived at:

BlogHer logo 2010



Today we'll start rolling out this new look in all our materials, building up to a BlogHer.com site relaunch later in February. Here's a sneak peek:

BlogHer site 2010A huge thank you to all the bloggers and editors who helped us get here for taking the time to vote and contribute to this discussion thus far.

And a humbling thank you to the BlogHer team, who have worked amazingly together to launch this site, putting aside little details like sleeping, eating to make this happen.




So, we're dying to know -- what do you think?


for Elisa, Jory and Lisa
BlogHer Co-founders

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