New Mexican “V”- Light

Mexican food has always been ones of the top 5 of my list and it’s so hard to find a good vegetarian Mexican restaurant in Panama. Then I thought of settling for cooking it for myself at home but still, you want to go out and enjoy the cuisine of someone else without the after effects.

The question stuck in my head as a food snob, a healthy vegetarian…

How can you not get so gassy after eating Mexican food? I got it! I did my experiment yesterday and I swear it worked, I ate a lot but I didn’t feel so heavy like I always do when I eat Mexican food, specially after I eat massive burritos. The trick is replacing the beans for lentils. Still beans but in a lighter scale and the taste is great – almost the same, you can make wonders, with the way you prepare them.healthy living

Okay, here’s the story. I was going to make lentil soup with a touch of curry and ended up adding   shredded noodles to add more texture and ended up thickening the soup so I blended the lentils with the noodles to make a “lentils cream” instead.  It was really good when it was warm but when it got cold, and the texture got like the refried beans so I had the idea to make tacos for dinner. So I went to the store to buy the tortillas, bought cheese, really good veggies and tofu to add to my tacos.

The taste was amazing , it was so healthy too, the vegetables had olive oil so that gave a great taste too and the food felt light considering the tacos looked more like mini burritos.

We are having more tonight because the curry lentil were so good and it’s the perfect option to say goodbye to the heartburn, heaviness, gassiness that eating what I liked involved. I called it my New Mexican “V”- Light. V from Vegetarian, V Light from D light delight, get it.Share Share

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