New Michael Jackson Video Game Lets You Finally Master the Moonwalk

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Not even death can stop Michael Jackson from continuing his reign as the King of Pop.

How would you like a Michael Jackson dancing and singing game to play on your XBOX or Wii for Christmas? This is going to make Captain EO look like Pong.

32406, PASADENA, CALIFORNIA - January 31, 1993. Michael Jackson performs during the Halftime show of the 1993 Superbowl in Pasadena. Jackson performed his hits Billie Jean , Jam , Black or White and a special performance of Heal the World alongside a choir of 3,500 local Los Angeles area children. The King of Pop died at his Beverly Hills home June 25, 2009. Photograph:

You think I am joking? I assure you, I do not joke about this kind of thing. Well, that isn't really true. I joke about this kind of thing all of the time, but in this case it is based in fact.

Ubisoft and Sony (Sony owns Michael Jackson's catalog) are working with Microsoft and their new motion-capture technology called Kinect to let the user play without having to hold a controller.

Cool, huh?

Think about it: You can dance to and sing "Billie Jean" and be judged on your fly dance moves and karaoke skills without the humiliation of an actual person watching you. I assume the XBOX version will not include Simon Cowell laughing at me, but honestly, not that much information has been released on the game yet.

I am thinking about how fun it would be to host a party around this game and force all of my friends to come in costume. I know one of you still has the red leather jacket with zippers in your closet. I could bedazzle a glove, God knows we have enough mismatched gloves downstairs to make one for each of you -- I'll just run over to the craft store and buy some sequins. Then I'll learn how to sew. I've got until Christmas, it can't be that hard.

Nov 17, 2009 - New York, New York, USA - A view of MICHAEL JACKSON CRYSTAL GLOVE held during the media preview for the Music Icons Auction to be held on November 21 at the Hard Rock Cafe by Julien's Auctions. © Red Carpet Pictures

Maybe I just want to show off my skills. I'm not much of a dancer, but I think I still remember some of the moves from the "Beat It" video. I hear that is one of the songs in the game. All of us can re-enact the knife fight at BlogHer. This is going to be awesome. We will have a 2012 BlogHer flash mob. Are people even still doing those?

Clearly, I have gone off topic. Besides, like I told Paul, I'm a lover, not a fighter. Yes, that was a "The Girl is Mine" joke. Suck it up. I can't be funny all of the time.

We don't know the name of the game yet, but I have a feeling that this will be a big seller. People can set aside their personal feeling for the late pop star and just enjoy dancing and singing to those songs that we all secretly love.

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