New Moment in Time

New Moment in Time

I hear of people making these things called “New Year’s Resolutions”. They are the things they want to do differently with another new year of life. They want to quit something, or start something, or finish something, or heal something, or be something. So, they wait for a new year to do their “something”… the fresh smell of the new year is the motivation they need to make a change.

Yet, habits are hard to break. All of those “somethings” that they want to change take time. But, they want immediate results. They want it now with little effort. They forget that when they are learning to do “something” new that they need to have patience with themselves. Instead of patience and compassion they get frustrated and convince themselves they can’t do “something” new. Then, feeling failure and growing pains… they give up. This giving up leads to them doing more or less of that “something” they wanted to change in the first place… more numbing and less self-actualization.

I can relate with those people because I used to be one of them. I used to wait to do “something” about all of those things that I want to change. I’d try to make several changes at once; which would set me up for failure or more growing pains than I could handle. I would be impatient with myself and eventually give up. That is… until I realized that each day is a new start… each moment I have a chance to make my life better… to become who I want to become… to make the choices necessary for change… to do something about those “somethings”.

I too like the fresh smell of the New Year. I become reflective of what the past year has taught me and brought me. I am blessed with yet another year that lies before me… the possibilities that God has planned excite me. I now get impatient because I can’t wait to see what the New Year will be about… new “somethings”, new challenges, new opportunities, new chapters, and a new and improved me.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions because I am in a constant state of becoming better. Doing something about those “somethings” is a rhythm in my life. I do not wait for a new year to come before I begin the process… a new day… a new moment in time is all I need.




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