New Month, New Pace, New Me

I struggle in October. 

Too many command performances leaves me overwhelmed, distracted and frustrated much of the time. I do a pretty good job of hiding it but I feel it in my fitful sleep and quick temper simmering over missing lunch boxes and dirty laundry.

Of course it also presents itself in laughable moments like a friend telling me I have a sanitary bathing suit strip stuck to my shirt at a party. God willing it came from my own Lands End bathing suit crotch and not someone else's! These are the types of things that happen in October. I don't have my shit together and "the flow" is always just out of reach.

This year I will allow myself to recover during November.

I will set a pace that allows me to enjoy the holidays rather than trying to beat them into submission.

I will write everyday.

I will walk everyday.

I will pack healthy lunches the night before and rinse out my coffee pot in the mornings.

I will do more art and get my book ready to submit.

I will not sign up for things I can't be completely physically and mentally present for.

I will not buy a huge turkey.

I will not go to the mall.

I will make sure I have maraschino cherries on hand for a manhattan during a snow storm.

I will make lists that make sense.

I will not over spend.

I will not cry if I have nothing to wear.

I will put cheese back in the proper position on the food pyramid.

I will commit to all this because it is the beginning of the month and I have yet to get slammed with Macy's ads, center piece ideas, and healthy veggie dip requests. The increased amounts of corporate, familial, and social chatter designed to infiltrate the lizard brain of a mother during the months of November and December is powerful.

I will stumble, I'm sure, but on the first of the month it all seems possible. 

Layla and Sabrina pretending they are "French Girls" eating breakfast in Paris. Sabrina's got the Parisian observing an American look down pat.


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