New Online Employment Site Meets Growing Demand for Flextime Professional Jobs

Flexible work hour arrangements are becoming an increasingly popular employee-employer agreement. Flextime allows an employee to select personalized working hours, often drifting from the typical Monday through Friday routine. As an increasing portion of America’s employers and employees are realizing flextime’s benefits, the alternative work arrangement is gaining popularity.

Employees with flextime schedules feel an increased sense of work-life balance. Flexible work schedules allow for working parents to serve their children’s needs while still maintaining their own professional needs. Caregivers can coordinate children’s daycare, doctor appointments, and other extracurricular activities with their own work schedules. Flextime allows parents to achieve optimum work-family balance, while maintaining their professional status, their potential for advancement and their income.

Nearly 25% of America’s entire workforce will be reaching retirement age in the next ten years. Boomers are active, experienced and well-educated. Industry still needs their workplace contributions and boomers are still financially dependent on industry- flextime works for both parties.

Along with working parents, baby boomers are also seeking alternative work schedules in order to accommodate their changing lifestyles. This sector of the workforce is not yet ready to retire, but is, nonetheless, less interested in working standard hours. These flexible work schedules include telecommuting, working part-time, working a compressed work schedule or any combination that strays from the conventional Monday through Friday, 8-5. A flexible work schedule allows boomers to ease into retirement while continuing to provide financial support for their families and to offer professional knowledge and counseling to colleagues.

Flexible work hours also benefit employers. Companies who have adopted flextime policies have seen reductions in employee tardiness and absenteeism as employees can schedule medical appointments and other personal, but necessary activities, outside of their business hours. Since employees are able to better balance family life with work activities, job satisfaction increases as do employee retention rates and productivity rates. Experts estimate replacing a lost professional can cost an employer up to $150,000. Flextime may also decrease overhead costs. Employees working alternate schedules can share expensive office equipment and desk space and also utilize home resources instead of work resources. In addition, flextime employees often do not need to receive the same benefits packages as full time employees receive.

Columbus, Ohio-based Needlestack Jobs specializes in connecting flextime job-seekers with employers. Needlestack founders, Carol Clark and Kathleen Wiant, have identified this need for a flexible employment resource through personal experiences.

Needlestack VP of Finance and Baby Boomer, Clark says, “Nearly 25% of America’s entire workforce will be reaching retirement age in the next ten years. Boomers are active, experienced and well-educated. Industry still needs their workplace contributions and boomers are still financially dependent on industry- flextime works for both parties.”

Wiant, Needlestack Jobs VP of Sales firmly believes in flextime arrangements, “As a working mother I wanted to spend time enjoying and meeting the needs of my children, while still contributing to the growth of my career. A flextime arrangement allowed me to continue my sales job while still being Mom to my five kids. It’s the best of both worlds.”

“Carol and I got together and found that a lot of the workforce is like us; busy parents and experienced boomers who have a lot to contribute. That’s when we decided to build Needlestack Jobs,” Wiant explains.

Clark and Wiant believe that the main reason employers will utilize Needlestack Jobs is increased savings. “Obviously employers will pay out less in salary for fewer hours. But the big savings may be benefits. Benefits are approximately 25% of the total compensation costs an employer incurs for an employee. So the employer may be saving that cost right off the bat in cases where flextime employees do not require benefits,” explains Wiant.

According to Wiant, the site will feature flextime job postings from leading Ohio employers as well as resumes from highly-qualified, professional candidates. While Needlestack Jobs currently services the Ohio area, the company plans to expand nationwide in the near future.

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About NeedleStack Jobs:
NeedleStack Jobs specializes in the modern work day, believeing that in today’s world, the best and the brightest professionals are looking for meaningful work and a flexible schedule. Which means smart businesses are also looking to hire them. That is why NeedleStack Jobs has created a website where flextime professionals and employers may connect. NeedleStack gives employers quick, convenient access to a bank of well- qualified flextime professionals while helping professionals find great jobs that also offer a more flexible schedule than most. NeedleStack Jobs currently services the Ohio area.

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