New Orleans Vacation Installment One.

It has been a tough time for the last few months to attempt to write my blog.  I make everything by myself and use the funds from a percentage of my pay from a part time job to pay for the trials. The job has been more off than on so it has been harder for me to purchase supplies. I have also been having a tough time writing.  Between the Peri menopuase and just feeling at loose ends since coming back from New Orleans I just haven't written lately.  I also have had trouble not speaking my mind about a few controversial news items.  I prefer to keep this blog away from the controversial side of life. 

To survive and not get totally exhausted while in New Orleans I started taking Estroven Energy formula.  One tablet a day is all they recommend, but that just doesn't help much.  I started taking two a day and wow was I back to normal.  I wasn't attempting to take 2 or 3 naps a day. I still took the progesterone twice a day as directed.  My plan is to return to writing down my foods eaten daily and exercise completed until I go see my doctor. This way she can see how I am feeling and see what I am eating, how much I exercised and how that is correlating to my weight.  In the mean time I attempt to move on.  I have since returned to the once a day Estroven Energy pill.  I am also back to sleeping twice a day.  Enough of this!

The trip to New Orleans was great and I promise I will tell you all more about it, but it broke my heart to come home.  No. It broke my heart that we won't travel like that for a year or so.  I have found how deeply I enjoy it.  In fact I think my husband enjoyed it for he came to me and said how much he wished we could afford to travel more often.  

This trip to New Orleans and the trip to Mexico last year made quite a few changes in my husband.  Mexico gave him a different insight into how hard it would be for anyone entering the US from a foreign country.  It also took away some of the fear from the actual idea of traveling outside of the US for him.  He realized how people are the same no matter where they are from.  You really can break down prejudices with travel. 

New Orleans showed him that its reputation is deserved to some extent, but to a much greater extent it isn't.  The majority of nutters were the tourists expecting a certain reality.  Bourbon Street did supply that, but the rest of New Orleans and the rest of the French Quarter was just a normal beautiful city with its own set of problems and wonders.

We didn't start out with New Orleans though!  We rented a car from Hertz through  It has been so long since we rented a car.  We chose to rent the car, a Chevrolet Cruze, in Orlando instead of here in Brevard County.  We were told we needed to upgrade in order to get cruise control.  We ended up upgrading to the Cruze and prepaying our gas upon return.  Both decisions turned out to be the right ones. Driving a car instead of a Jeep is a little disconcerting.  I missed seeing over the majority of vehicles and the position of our cup holders.  Silly huh?  The gas mileage was amazing and we came in under budget which helped pay for the upgraded car.  Cup holders, which are so necessary on a road trip were not in a convenient place for the driver.  Other than that the car was great.  If you are out there looking for a new car I can recommend the Chevrolet Cruze.  

We dropped the Jeep off at our daughter's in Orlando.  We brought our granddaughter home with us.  They were dog and house sitting for us.  Little Lyra is such a sweetie!  My daughter and her family decided to come over a day early which is why we had Lyra.  I was looking forward to spending time with them before we left, but my husband decided to surprise me with an extra night.  

He packed the car with everything we would need.  It wasn't too hard as I had packed everything but the bare essentials we would need the next day.  He had found a hotel that afternoon online that cost only $40.  He thought it was an awesome place and made me check it out.  It was a Knights Inn.  I was not impressed.  I told him if he ever wanted to take me there he had better pack a sheet and comforter as I would not sleep in that room without it.  I thought nothing of the conversation.  

That night Chris decided he wanted to take me out to dinner.  What I didn't realize was he had packed everything we needed except 2 toothbrushes.  He did pretty well. He even packed all the food!  He didn't tell me where we were going until he drove past the Viera Exit on I 95.  We were stuck in traffic and I was hungry.  I prodded and he finally explained we were going to St. Augustine for the night.  He wanted to take me to the Sangria Bar we went to ages ago that I loved. The place is called Sangrias Wine and Piano Bar. It has wonderful sangrias and a great atmosphere. The food is pretty god too. It did not disappoint. After dinner we walked just a bit and went to the hotel.  

The Knights Inn in St. Augustine is not near the attractions but close to the outlet shopping malls.  It is not far off of I 95. The older lady at the front desk was slow, unfriendly, but efficient.  I think she would have been overwhelmed if there had been more than one customer, but anywho.  The room we had was in the back with all the semi trucks.  We went to the room where it was decently clean.  The bathroom was clean and there were no bedbugs.  The room consisted of two queen beds.  The first bed I checked out smelled of body odor.  Eww!   The other bed was clean, but the comforter had burn holes in it.  Thankfully Chris had taken my suggestion to heart and brought our own bedding.  It was quiet and worked out okay for the price.  Of course Chris is not allowed to choose our hotels anytime soon.  

The next morning was Sunday.  We were meeting our youngest daughter and her family.  We shopped until it was nearly time to see them.  We bought Chipotle for lunch.  Our grandson was so cute!  We didn't get to spend much time with them as we were heading to Panama City Beach and Chris wanted to see the sun set.

We did not make it.  We were both disappointed. The route the GPS took us gave us shorter mileage but a longer time.   We stayed in the Holiday Inn Resort right on the gulf.  It was dark when we got there, but I have to say that Panama City Beach did not disappoint.  It was adorable.  It was also very built up. The last time we were there it was just a sleepy town on the Ocean.  I would say it has grown into an entertaining place.  It seemed to have things to do for every age.

I was exhausted at this point.  We were going to just take our time leaving in the morning and head to New Orleans. I didn’t sleep well like normal.  I woke up about 7 am and walked out onto the balcony. 



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