New Relationship...Fake or Fullfilling?

I know what kind of comments I am going to get on this before I even start to write it, but you know what they is blind.

I have recently started to date a man (uh huh)...we'll call him Stan. Stan will be 30 at the end of the month, is divorced, and has a 9 year old daughter. He sweet talks me like I was born on a throne, he comes over to cook for me, and he likes to do whatever I want to do on the weekends...the catch? Here it comes....Stan has the mentality of a 19 year old frat boy when he gets around his friends, or doesn't have his daughter. Now I am no saint. I like to go out and have fun, drink a few now and then (ok, maybe more than that), but I do not let myself get out of hand. How about an example?

Ok, last Wednesday we had plans. Stan had to work late so I told him I was going to the bar where one of my girlfriends works, and to call me when he was done and we would get together. No big deal, right? WRONG. All went well until around 8:00. Stan calls saying he is leaving work, he needs to go get a shower, then he has to drop off an estimate on the way to my house. Now I live in a small town. Even if you live way the hell out in BFE, everything takes 15 min. or less. TWO HOURS LATER I call Stan. No answer. Now if you want to see me have a total out of body experience, ignore my calls when we have plans. Am I right? So I give him 30 seconds to call me back. No call. So I pick up the phone and dial him again. This is where everything went a little red. His phone keeps ringing and just when I get ready to press that little red end button, A GIRL ANSWERS HIS PHONE!!! HELLO!!!! Do you not value your life on this planet?? Men, a little hint, if you are supposed to be with your girlfriend, don't let another girl answer the phone when she calls. So this "girl" answers the phone and I ask to talk to Stan. She gets all "little miss pissy" and asks who I am. Ok. I have seen his phone ring before. He puts first and last names into his phone book and he has a big ass screen where it shows up before you answer. And this girl has the audacity to ask me who I AM? So once again I repeat my question..."let me talk to Stan". SHE HANGS UP!!! By this time there is fire shooting out my ears and steam coming out my nose. I have worn a path from my fridge to my front door. 45 seconds later he calls..."Hey baby, how are you"? Are you kidding me?

Ok, here is the problem. I love Stan. I know, I know. I heard the excuses, I got an apology from little miss pissy, and I gave him the cold shoulder for 6 days. Now he's back...can't live without me...I just have to take him back. The strong woman in my head is poking my brain with a stick pin trying to get my attention, while the lonely little girl in my heart is seconds away from pressing the Send button on her phone. I am usually 100% on board with my head, but I am starting to realize that if I don't let my heart take control every once in a while, I'm going to be spending all my hard earned money on kitty litter and renting The Notebook every Friday and Saturday night.


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