New research on Sleep Training

I read an interesting article in the Globe and Mail today about Sleep Training. Read it, then come back and read this.

For the record, I used some of the Ferberizing methods and it worked for us. Letting him cry for a few minutes at a time, patting his back, not picking him up etc.

I was instructed by my dr at 6 months since we were starting solid foods that I should stop nursing him at night. These days, a bottle of milk (cow's milk) before bed holds him until morning. I think getting rid of the night feedings early helped. It took a few months, but by the time he reached 9 months and was on cow's milk, he never really woke up to eat, he just wanted to be held. He usually drinks anywhere between 2 and 8 oz, depending on how full his belly is from dinner.

That said, he never really cried that horrible cry babies are known to cry. It was more like he cried because I hadn’t run in to pick him up. A sad little “but mommy, I’m so tired, you should pick me up so I can sleep” cry. And now-a-days, as long as kitty-kitty is within grabbing distance, he’s usually pretty good about going back to sleep.

He still wakes up a couple of times a night, but he only cries if (I think) he’s had a bad dream, a loud noise wakes him, or he can’t find kitty, kitty. Also, lately I have taken to bringing him to bed with me at the end of the day so he can have his bottle and fall asleep next to me in bed. I admit, I do it for me so that I can spend some quiet time with him at the end of the day. And he sleeps peacefully through the night regardless of how he gets put down. He sleeps 12+ hours if we don't wake him in the morning. On the rare occasion that he does wake up crying in the night. I've been bringing him into our bed and he's happy to lay quietly between mommy and daddy, eventually falling asleep again. I think this is how our family will work for the time being.

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