A New Shirt From an Old Skirt

upcycled shirt
Do you ever look in your closet and think "I have NOTHING to wear!!"  Well, that happens to me.  All. The. Time.  And since I'm broke, I try to change the old things into new things.  This shirt, for example, went from being a skirt that I NEVER wear, to a fun summer top... In FIVE minutes!
Here is the skirt I started with.  It's a stretchy knit.  It looks innocent enough, but the waistband (which is SUPPOSED to fold over) always manages to unfold itself throughout the day, adding an additional few inches to my waist.  Who wants that?  Not me.
I have known that I wanted to make this into a shirt for a few days now.  But I was unsure how I wanted to fashion the top.  Finally I saw this black sash peeking out of a mysterious pile in my closet.  It used to be a waistband to an old maternity top.  It matched, and it was already sewn, and so... I was sold.

 Read more about how I Made a Shirt from an Old Skirt at MandyMade.


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