New Tips to tackle your Apple phone Faster!

iPhone is the first touch phone to revolutionize the smartphone market. Apple brought in the concept of touch which was quickly aped by other companies. Though there are different brands releasing different smartphone models, iPhone still stays on top for its cutting-edge technology and design. Steve Jobs saga is still continuing to trend even after his unexpected death. With the rumors of impending iPhone 6 flying around, the craze for Apple’s phone has picked up once again. However, there are still unexplored grounds in Apple’s earlier iPhone version. There are many time-saving tips that people are unaware. Here are few effective iPhone tips and tricks that will help save the juice in the phone more and operate it more efficiently:

  • You don’t have to unlock the screen every time you take a picture or access music

Locking the screen not only helps in protecting the content of your phone from prying eyes, but also safeguards your phone if it is stoles. However, many users find it a hassle to unlock the phone every time they have to use it especially when they are at office or when they are travelling in a metro. A lock screen is a hurdle when you want to operate the phone for a simple and quick operation. Now, if you are an iPhone owner you don’t have to unlock the screen for simple operations such as accessing music or taking a picture. All you have to do is press the camera icon available on the bottom right of the lock screen to take a picture and slide it up. You can also fast forward or pause the music and use the volume-up button available on the headset to click a picture.

  • Return to the web page you were reading easily

Safari in iPhone offers you the option to get back to the sites you were browsing when you minimized the app. You can even create short-cuts to frequently visiting sites by saving them as bookmarks on Safari by pressing the Send button available at the bottom of the screen and choose the option ‘Add Home Screen’. The websites that open on iPhone may not be the same as viewing them on a computer monitor. If you want to view the websites better on iPhone, you just have to tap the Reader button available immediately on the right of the URL. The web page automatically gets re-sized according to your iPhone screen.

If you want more content to be displayed on the screen, you can change the phone’s orientation to landscape and press the full-screen mode available on the bottom right side of the screen. If you want to return to the tap of the page when you are in the landscape mode, you have to just tap the top of the screen.

If you have a Google Chrome browser in your iPhone, the browser enables you to save the page in the PDF format through the Google Drive account. If you want to save a page on Chrome browser, you have to open the web page, tap the Options button on the top-right and choose the Print option. Next, sign into the Google account you use via the Google Cloud Print. Now, press Save and the page automatically gets saved in your Google account. If you want to save it in the PDF format, press Print Options available in the Save button.

So now you can take a break and listen to a song or two or look for your favorite iPad utilities on before you return back to your reading.

  • Jump between characters easily

The size of the virtual keyboard in your iPhone is not as big as your PC keyboard. Thus, the phone cannot include all the characters in the keyboard that is hardly the size of your hand. At times, it is inconvenient to jump between characters like ABC, 345, and .,/. The iPhone now offers a unique approach coined press-hold-drag rather than tapping to bring different characters. For example, if you want to type numbers press down on the 123 tab for a few seconds and release to add numbers, you can then switch back to alphabets the same way.

  • Customize the phone’s music player with the categories you prefer

There are four view options in the iPhone’s music player by default. The options are Albums, Songs, Artists, and Playlists. If you wish to change these options, you can do it by pressing the More option available at the bottom-right corner of the screen. There are configuring options such as Genres, Composers, Videos, Compilations, Audiobooks, and Podcasts. To replace the existing options, you have to drag one of the options and place it on top of the existing one. Once you choose your selection, press Done.

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