A new twist on behavior charts

This idea was submitted by Heather and Jen of Pittsboro, Indiana.

Looking for a creative way to maintain discipline in your home? Check out these cute behavior charts!

chart 1

chart 2

Here’s how it works: Have your child pick a favorite character, such as Luke Skywalker or Curious George. At the beginning of the week, their character begins at the starting point. If the child stays in the “well-behaved” zone, they will receive a treat at the end of the week. The reward can be something small like a slushie or maybe a special outing with the family

Each time the child disobeys, they must move their character down one spot. If their character was moved to the “misbehaved zone” during the week, the child will lose their reward. For instance, if Yoda had to move to the “dark side,” then the child will not receive their reward. Specifically on the Yoda/Curious George chart, you will notice several spots in the “misbehaved zone.” If they have to move their character even more into this zone, parents will have to decide which punishment the child will receive.

At the beginning of the next week, all slates are clean and they get to start over.

Parents can use this chart for general disobedience or something more specific like not following directions, bad table manners, or not being a kind sibling.

Ideas for favorite characters and the name of their “misbehaved” zone:

  • Yoda or Luke Skywalker – The Dark Side
  • Curious George – Monkey Trouble
  • Dalmation – Puppy Pound
  • Doc McStuffins – Hospital ER
  • Any princess - The Dungeon
  • Dora the Explorer – Swiper’s house
  • Scooby Doo – Haunted House
  • Batman – Joker’s Lair
  • Spiderman – Doc Oc’s Lab
  • Winnie the Pooh – Empty Honey Pot
  • Thomas the Tank Engine – Derailed
  • Jake and the Never Land Pirates – Overboard
  • Super Mario (or video game character) – Game Over
  • Toy Story character – Yard Sale

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