A New Week Coming Up

It's fun to work on things right at the last minute and it's fun to work on things way in advance, but that zone of in between isn't my favorite.  That's what happened to me this last week and it resulted in me working at the last minute and doing just fine, but honestly, with my life and my kids and all this darn healthy cooking, I'm now preferring the "get things done in advance" style.

Monday is the start of a new week.  That means I have till Sunday night to get stuff into better shape for next week and I'll feel ahead of the game.  Tomorrow might not be the day because there's family and outdoor stuff and a community meeting I want to attend, but if I keep myself away from the computer, the books, the online newspapers and actually pick up the projects I need to work on, well, there's a chance I could enter into next week with grace and confidence.

I'd like that.

I didn't go swimming this morning like I'd planned all week.  Last night I couldn't fall asleep till after two and since going to the pool means being up at six, I thought I should nix the pool idea in lieu of sleep.  Unfortunately I was up at six thirty with the kids.  I can plan on swimming Monday morning, but only if I don't need to be focused on my projects that day.  Swimming seems to take a lot out of me and, while I can do little projects, I can't really focus on the real planning of my curriculum.

Thus, the goal is to find my centered productive self for the weekend so I can enter into Monday ready to exercise and then enjoy the day.  Heh.  We shall see.

As for our food life - going well.  Tonight was julienned yellow squash with pesto and shrimp and some cauliflower rice pilaf.  It was the first time making rice with cauliflower and we were again surprised by how good it was.  The kids ate it all up so what looked like a lot of food being prepared was really exactly right (eight summer squash and one whole cauliflower downed by two adults and two little kids along with the shrimp and the almond pesto and an apple)


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