A New Year and A New Set of Goals; Personal and Professional

Calendar 2011 Looking Back

I am ready to leave 2010 behind and move forward. It will go down in my personal history as one with many ups and downs, full of new friends, new endeavors and opportunities and lots of learning of new technology. It was a year that we had to tighten the proverbial purse strings again, as so many have had to do. And yet, adversity has led to inspiration. Motivation to create something new is often the brainchild of desperation.

As I was sitting in the Urgent Care waiting room waiting to see a doctor on Thursday evening, I barely noticed the TV in the corner of the room and didn't even bother to look to see what program was on when I sat down. Instead, I picked up a Newsweek and began to read. Then, a familiar voice cut through my train of thought. It was Oprah Winfrey; a voice recognizable by almost everyone on this planet. I tuned her out and returned to my reading. Again, Oprah, the ever persistent person that she is, got my attention. This time I glanced up at the television. Oprah was talking with J.K. Rowling; a name recognizable by millions on this planet. This time I put my magazine down for minute to listen. They were discussing their successes in life. Their intimate, girlfriend to girlfriend conversation sucked me in, and I watched the rest of the interview.

No one can argue that these two ladies, who came from nothing and built empires, each of her own making, are not successful in every respect of the word. Surely, they had some gems of advice to offer. Indeed, they did. In fact, I had several "aha" moments in that doctors' office.

In essence, Rowling said that it's the experience of failing that propels you to move on and try again; it's the failures that make success possible. So, we should not be afraid of trying and failing, but should indeed give our ideas, plans and aspirations a shot. Even in failing, you will have learned something; gained some knowledge or insight.

And this is what I have done with Motherly Law; I'm giving my idea a go of it. Will I fail? Perhaps, but maybe I'll be a great success, by some measure. I cannot tell you the end of the story because there are far too many chapters yet to be written in this journey.

Looking Forward: Personal Goals

In so planning my next adventures, I have set goals for myself. In 2011, I seek to Be. I desire to Be more consistent and a better person than I was in 2010. In sharing my personal ambitions, I will have more cause to follow these points. Here are my seemingly simple, yet eternally difficult goals to Be

  1. Be present in all I do.
  2. Be more patient with my kids and husband.
  3. Be more focused and balanced in all areas of my life.
  4. Be more complimentary of my husband and all he does for our family.
  5. Be more thankful for all the blessings in my life.
  6. Be a better listener.
  7. Be 1 smaller size.
  8. Be more cognizant of time and manage mine better.

There may be only 8 in the list, but these are big items and will take much tireless energy on my part to put them into action. Eight points are more than enough.

Looking Forward: Professional Goals

I have also set professional goals for the blog and other ventures for 2011. As I near the 1 year anniversary of launching Motherly Law, I am in awe of how much work, DH and I have put into this project and how far it has come. I still have miles to go before I sleep (every night), but in retrospect, we had no idea what would happen when I launched Motherly Law last March nor did we realize how much we would be using Twitter.

So far, this is what happened: I have developed a strong following of loyal readers; my search engine traffic increases weekly; I have been featured in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Twin Cities Spark, Mann Post's Blog Cabin (twice) and Minnesota Public Radio's MN Today; there have been readers from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, as well as 57 other countries in the world; I have connected with people all across the country on Twitter and Facebook and because of those venues, I have met many fascinating and inspiring people, many whom I call friend today; and certainly not least of all, I have started writing again, A LOT.

Based on personal objectives, analytics and blog expert opinions, here are my goals for Motherly Law and other professional endeavors for 2011…

  1. Maintain the continual increase in readership
  2. Work on growing FB & Twitter presence
  3. Include guest posts on a regular basis
  4. Sell and host ads on ML
  5. Persist in providing well-written, informative posts
  6. Add a monthly ML email newsletter
  7. Boost the number of comments per post
  8. Attend Blissdom Conference 2011 in Nashville in January (Check this one off; I'm going!)
  9. Work to obtain more freelance opportunities
  10. Host a local Blogger event (I've got it all planned out in my head…)
  11. Continue to make connections and meet fascinating people
  12. Keep evolving as a writer and social media participant
  13. Have a post get picked up by the New York Times (I have to have a few lofty goals, right?)
  14. Launch another blog with a more professional aim (still in development stages… stay tuned)

Yes, you read that last one correctly, I am planning to launch a new blog, in addition to Motherly Law, targeted at attorneys. And yes, many of these goals, especially the last one, do add the potential of sabotaging many of my personal goals for 2011, but a girl has got to pursue her dreams.

The Scoop

I happen to believe that everything occurs for some reason; that a lesson can be learned from every experience; good or bad. We may not understand the lesson or the reason for the event at the time, but there is one there that will be revealed to us at the appropriate time and will link by link shape us into who we will ultimately Become. And so, for some reason, I needed to hear what Oprah and J.K. Rowling had to say on Thursday afternoon….

Happy New Year! Have you made your New Year's Resolutions yet? Do you usually set goals for yourself? I always do, personally, but this year we are going to try to do it as a couple and family too. Do you do this? If so, what kinds of things go into the goal setting? Over and out….




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