New Year, New Goals

Last year you took the leap and started your own business, or maybe you embraced your inner entrepreneur and set out to start your own business this year. Either way, you've been focusing on what it means to look to the future and set goals. This has been a hot topic with clients over the last month: looking to 2012 and going for it. Whatever "it" is, this is the year they want to step out and step up their game. The challenge, it seems, is knowing the limits, length and distance they (and you!) are willing and wanting to go to create the career of their (and your!) dreams.

Working for yourself, starting your own business provides a great amount of satisfaction; but it's a lot of work to get started. The underlying emotional fear that's holding you back may just be related to money. Do you have the financial means with which to start your own business? From where will the money come if you don't have savings from which to draw? Is your business idea good enough to convince other people to invest in you and your new business? These are all valid questions because it's important to know your own relationship with money, abundance and all things financial.

Your relationship money will definitely dictate how you will perceive the "value" of your idea as well as the "value" you personally bring to the business itself. On the upper level of consciousness you may believe you love money (Who doesn't?!) and the idea of being wealthy. But what has been holding you back until now to step into going after earning this type of wealth?

Your level of self-confidence (for one) and your ability to be honest with yourself (for another). Understanding your relationship with money requires more than just you looking at your past to learn how your spending habits have affected your ability to save or gaining the clarity of why you buy certain products and subscribe to specific services. Having the confidence to honestly admit your inner most thoughts regarding money is the space you want to visit during time of reflection or meditation.

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Embrace your inner wisdom!


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