New Year, New Start

It's January and a new year.  Most people are happy to say goodbye to 2011.  It didn't work out well for lots of people.  In January people look forward to a new start, a new look, a new job, a new life.  How you look at this new year that we have all laid out fresh before us stretching a long bright way into the future is what matters.

Most of us miss the joy and the blessings.  You have to look for them even though they are everywhere.  We forget to look and then we start looking inward and focus on whatever is concerning us.  Then we get anxious, stressed and negative.Too often it is us!  If we are hoping for a better tomorow we need to change what we are today.  Change starts with us.  Yes, I believe one person can make a difference.  Look outward for joy.  See the blessings surrounding you.  Open your heart and mind to see what you can do for anyone besides yourself.  Slowly your attitude will change.  Your outlook will change.  You will be more positive about the world and your place in it.  Decisions will be easier to make.  Relationships easier to maintain.   Sounds like a cliche, I know.

When we think about all that is good in our personal lives, it is overwhelming and you do start to wonder why you deserve such goodness.  When we feel sorry for ourselves, all we have to do is look around and be equally amazed at the sorrow, tragedy and unhappiness in the lives of people we know and love.  We instantly feel better and wonder again how we are so privileged.  We are.  Go forward in that knowledge knowing that you can accomplish anything you want to accomplish.  You have gifts and skills about which you are totally unaware.  

It is time to start planning and preparing the garden for the spring.  We pray we do not have another summer of extreme temperatures and drought.  Last year's garden burnt up in the sun and the wind.  With positive faith, we pull out dead weeds, spread Christmas tree boughs and old hay over the garden then cover the whole thing with our own organic compost we have been "cooking" since last year.  In the spring, we will turn the soil and begin planting heirloom vegetables for us and for others.  At CrossWind Farm, our motto is "No arm so weak that may do service here".  If you help work the garden you can partake of the bounty.  Makes for good work in community, healthy outside breaks from your usual life and wonderful food to take home and feed to your family. We also make new friends that way.

Day old chicks will be arriving in March.  We have egg layers that live on the pasture and produce beautiful healthy eggs and meat birds that also live on the pasture and produce natural delicious meat that does not contain the hormones, steroids and GMO grains of commercially produced chicken (think Tyson, Pilgrim's Pride, etc.).  Did you know that the type of fat produced from grass fed beef and chicken is healthy and not like the highly saturated fats of commercial beef and poultry?  You can have a beautiful delicious steak without the guilt!

Nature has cycles and we are part of those cycles.  As we enter mid-winter, our thoughts proverbially turn to spring and the hope it brings us.  Look forward, look outward - get ready. 


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