New resolutions

The new year is upon us and before I know it summer will be here. I don't want to look back and say I should have or could have done at least one resolution. This year I decided to make resolutions that deal with faith. Recently my walk with God is growing. I find myself wanting to do and learn more. Resolution number one is join a bible study. Next Wednesday night that is what I am doing. Bonus is two women I know are in this particular bible study so I will be held accountable! No excuses. Resolution number two is saving money. I know this sounds like a big one and that I could fail but I added at the grocery store to my particular savings. Last year my husband and I cut cable, paid off our cars and I get my mom to cut my hair. This year I am going to try to get a little coupon crazy! Resolution number three isn't to lose weight.....yet.....and I am actually a well rounded, healthy eater. I had our sweet daughter last February and lost all the baby weight plus an extra 20 lbs. This year I would like to just maintain and continue being healthy! My last resolution is family. I want to continue to develop and grow with my husband. It is true what everyone says a baby changes everything! But time with my husband trumps all resolutions. He has so much love for me that he deserves my time! Anyone else looking for ideas should check out Pinterest. Just a simple text can make your significant others day. So now that I made this public, I guess now I am accountable and will keep you posted.

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