New Year's Resolutions

It’s cold and late and I’ve been in a sugar coma for the last few days of holiday celebrations. It’s that time of year when I evaluate the months passed and do some soul searching. During this week before the New Year rings in, I always take a moment to ask myself if I am who and where I wanted to be at this point in my life. I guess I take personal inventory.

I feel that this time to analyze my current situation is almost like the business equivalent of doing an annual business or marketing plan. I feel that everyone should have goals. They shouldn’t be unrealistic, as in my opinion, having goals are the beginning of creating a vision that will move you from dreaming about something to actually doing something. In business, it’s one thing to say your goal is to increase sales, and another to develop a strategy to help make your hope of increasing sales a reality.

Talk is cheap – actions are what make change – or at least the steps that will take you closer to where you hope to be (either personally or professionally).

I’ve created a brief list of both personal and professional goals. Life is not all work and work is not life –  you need to be balanced. For me, balance comes out of knowing that I’m not just letting my life pass by – but that I am working to craft the kind of life that gives me true satisfaction and is an example to my children. I never want to look back with regret wishing I’d done things differently.


  • Learn Spanish (much better than my current level) and help my children to learn as well so they can communicate with relatives.
  • Run another marathon and post a time that makes me feel WOW.
  • Be a better listener.
  • Reduce unnecessary clutter in my life.
  • Lose the last few lbs. I need to (for good!)
  • Help in my community.


  • Develop quality relationships in social media – not quantity.
  • Continue to grow, learn and explore.
  • Write more blog posts.
  • Engage more with marketing and social media professionals in my community.
  • Work with passion, daily.