New Year's Resolutions

(This was originally posted on December 31st, 2016)

Hey everybody, we wanted to wish you an early “Happy New Year !” and hope you’re having a fun time today !

Our New Year’s resolution is to only fix scrumptious food, even if that involves using cooking techniques or ingredients that may have scared us in the past. Mommy’s own personal resolutions is to master cooking techniques that she’s been too afraid to try before and she just wants to be happy ! She has a lot of anxiety over different things and wants to conquer that. I really have so many things I could make a resolution to achieve but as far as the top two go, I’d like to improve my own cooking skills (so I could at least feel I was as good a cook as mommy is and be able to take care of cooking if there was ever a day where mommy didn’t feel physically up to cooking) and be happier as well (I don’t want other people’s actions to affect me as much as they can right now). There’s a lot that goes into achieving those two goals alone but those would be the two that would be most awesome to achieve. It may seem like a silly resolution to some (to want to only fix scrumptious food) but life is just too f**king short so you’ve gotta be brave, fearless and go for what you want in life. You never want to be left wondering about the “what ifs” that could have been, you know? Wondering about how if you’d only been brave enough to take that chance, etc. Trust us, living with the “what ifs” is far worse than any rejection or failure. So we say, just grab life by the balls and say “F**k you a**hole, I aint afraid of you !”

We hope that in 2017, you achieve your dreams or take a big step toward achieving you goal. Good luck everybody !

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