New Year's Resolutions and New Shoes

So as part of our "new year's resolution" (yes, we're those people in the gym)-- my husband and I have been working out.   I decided to start the Couch to 5k program, because I'm participating in the Nike Womens Half Marathon this April... and I'd like to be able to run some of it!  I've always wanted to be a runner, but I've never been able to keep running exciting and stick with a training plan.  I was in the best shape of my life at 17, I don't want my peak to be in high school.

I did week one of C25K without much effort, but the second week had me struggling with some shin pain.  I've always had weak calves, so I started researching foam rolling, shoes, and stretches.  Luckily, our gym is AMAZING.  Seriously, I will try to get a picture for you all-- my graduate school knows how to treat it students.  I can rent a foam roller every day we go there.  Joel and I have also picked up playing squash to warm-up for workouts.  (I don't think we follow all the rules, but we have a lot of fun!)

The best thing for my legs has been new shoes.  We went and tried on a million pairs, had J's gait analyzed, and finally both came home with new shoes.  I'm in love with mine already-- they're New Balance Minimus.  I wanted something "barefoot" to minimize the shin pain, and these are already working for me.  I ran for 8 minutes after I finished W3D1 of C25K yesterday! (Amazing when you realize I couldn't run for 2 minutes at the beginning of the month.)  And, they're pink!


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