New Year's Resolutions: Focusing on the Positive

New Year's Resolutions: Focusing on the Positive

It's that time of, not when the world falls in love - that's just in the song!  It's really that time of year when everyone WANTS something.  From Christmas letters to Santa to New Year's Resolutions, it's all about what we WANT.  Maybe this is why I love Thanksgiving so much?  Maybe it's why I have trouble giving ideas for me for Christmas...I'd rather focus on what I have and love, as opposed to what I want.  What do I need, anyway?  Not much I tell you...between Brian, Squire, and my family, friends, and job I'm a truly blessed girl.

Perhaps what we should all WANT this year is the ability to focus on the positives, and use those things as our motivation.  Build our goals off of our blessings.

This week the words "New Year's Resolution" will be all around us.  Friends will ask us what our resolutions are, the news outlets will be covering the top 10 most popular, and heavy duty marketing campaigns will be designed around our desire to lose weight, make money, find happiness, you name it.  So I ask you, what is your resolution this year?  Go ahead, tell me.  I need some suggestions...

But let me offer a suggestion to you all, if I may.  Go ahead, use this time of year to make a fresh start, have a clean slate, strive for something particular.  But please - go easy on yourself - and on everyone who will have to put up with you and your chosen resolution.  Make your goal realistic.  Make it tangible.  Make it measurable.  "I will go to the gym 7 days a week" is NOT realistic.  "I will lost 50 lbs by my birthday" is maybe not realistic - if your birthday is anywhere in the first 1/2 of the year.  And these are things you THINK you are supposed to want...  How about instead of focusing on something you think will make you smarter/prettier/whatever - think about what it would be nice for you to have internally.  "I will go to yoga once a week because it's my favorite me-time activity."  There.  A commitment to you, which will make you a happier, healthier, stronger person.  Or, "I will make healthy, smarter food choices whenever I can so that I feel better and set a good example for my family."  Again - realistic and focusing on health and wellness - not some superficial societal measure of success.

The New Year should be a reward, not a punishment.  Look around you - sure, Turkey day was 5 weeks ago - but what are you Thankful for today?  Right now?  Carry that with you and pick something that will last not just the first week of the year, or the first month, but the whole year through and beyond!

As I write this Squire is snuggled up next to me in bed, snoring against my hurt hip & shoulder, just being his warm, loving, cuddly self.  Brian is at work tonight - bummer right?  But he just texted that he is on his way home and my heart and tummy fluttered with excitement.  Yes, 5 years later I still get that same feeling when I know I'm going to be seeing him!  So, that's what I have.  That's what I know and love.  Sickness and health will come and go...and while I don't know what MY resolution will be for the next year, it will probably be something along the lines of being more forgiving of myself, letting it be ok if the laundry isn't always folded and the dishes always washed, and enjoying a little more commitment to myself and some peaceful down time.

So, lay it on us...  What are your resolutions?  If you could suggest one to your closest family or friend, what would it be?  Let's see if we can't set good examples for others to focus on the positive and make it a truly joyful and bountiful New Year!

Where DID this year go by the way???
 - Shelly

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