New Year's Truthlutions

Wow, how fast 2012 has came and went.  It was a year of ups and downs for everyone, but I don't believe that any year is without that common thread.  Such is life.  However, I am sure that many of us pulled out the lined paper and our favorite pen, well, maybe a tablet is a more realistic note taker these days, and jotted down a few things we intend to change for the this year.  We hear about it year after year and are bombarded with ads and commercials that feed into the sensationalism of New Year's resolutions.  Lose weight, quit smoking, stop drinking, stop partying, run a marathon, clean out the clutter, spend less money, and get out of debt.  I mean the list could go on for ages.  However, many of us find that not only are these resolutions as useless as the piece of paper they are written on, they are not founded in truth. 
"Rather, let our lives lovingly express truth [in all things, speaking truly, dealing truly, living truly]. Enfolded in love, let us grow up in every way and in all things into Him Who is the Head" Ephesians 4:15.  This passage reminds us that as followers of him we are to live by the truth and make sure our life reflects the truth.  Meaning, if your New year's resolution is to save more, then you may have to be truthful and say that you need to get out of debt first.  Maybe you should lose weight but that would also include overhauling your life style and getting Domino's off of speed dial.  We have plenty of good resolutions but they are just that because we do not acknowledge the truth of why something needs to be a resolution in the first place.  Maybe we need deliverance from "keeping up with Joneses" or "self control" when it comes to tossing back that second helping of food.  I am all for change but true change can only come when it is founded in truth.  

Prayerfully, as we approach 2013, we can acknowledge our own truths and really start making our resolutions our norm and reality. 


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