New York Fashion Week: The Fashion Insider Scoop for Fall

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The tents are all packed up, the models have done their final turn on the catwalk, and I'm back in sneakers and jeans. New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer '10 is over, and... oh, that's right, it's fall now, isn't it?

To celebrate the end of Fashion Week, I caught up with a hometown friend who's living her dream: she's an associate designer for an American designer whose star has been constantly rising in the past couple of years, particularly this most recent one. When we were in middle school, she signed my yearbook with the promise that she'd design my gown for the Oscars. I'm nowhere near the Oscars unless I'm sitting in front of my TV, but her work has hit the stores and the streets.

While we caught up on the years since high school, I managed to get some questions in about working in the industry, and about the upcoming fall season. Of course, she's already thinking about Fall/Winter '10/'11, but we did chat about some of the fall trends we've seen popping up.

- The first trend we discussed was the thigh-high boot, which I've heard a lot of discussion about this fall. While I think it looks great editorially, the consensus I've heard has been this key phrase: "I'm worried it's going to look too Pretty Woman." Not to mention that if you're someone who has trouble with boots fitting properly in the calves (I'm one of them), adding in that the boot has to fit your thighs, too? It's tricky.

- Another trend is statement jewelry -- a big cuff, a big necklace, etc. Since she was wearing a gorgeous cuff, no doubt she agrees with that. (I know Susan's always been about the dramatic bracelet.) You could go vintage, you could go rocker, you could go lady-like. Easy to achieve and easy to personalize for yourself.

- Rocker-chic is another big trend for fall: leather, animal print, studs, streamlined silhouettes with a more emphasized shoulder, but not the "Elaine from Seinfeld" shoulder. This is a look that's hard to pull off if you're not a model or a fashion editor (I'm looking at you, Kate Lanphear). Still, I think with a few key pieces (again, statement jewelry, but also maybe a great blazer) worked in naturally, it can be an influence without taking everything over.

I did ask where the trends come from, if there's some sort of conspiracy among the designers ("psst, we're all doing leggings this year, pass it on!"); she said that while some designers and companies do hire trend research companies, her boss does not, and that they go off of intuition and what they like. Judging by their company's growing success, it certainly works for them.

It's an exciting and interesting time in American fashion -- and now that the hurly-burly's all cleared up and we can think about what's really been put in front of us, we'll see how it goes...!

Check out some of the Fall/Winter '09/'10 Fashion Week looks below, to kickstart your fall thinkin'!


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