New York, New York

A question for those of you who have been to, or would like to visit at some future time, New York City:

If you had a fairly limited, but as-yet-unscheduled block of time - in this case, several hours on a Sunday morning/afternoon in early August after BlogHer '12 and before returning to Canada - what would you choose to do and/or see? Where would you go? How would you spend your time?

I wish I had more time to explore the city, but a few hours is it for this particular trip (unless I win some sort of lottery that doesn't actually require purchasing tickets)... so I want to make the most of them. I've visited the city once before and have seen several of the "usual" touristy-type places, so I'm kind of hoping for something new. I'd love to know what you would do in my situation (apart from buy a lottery ticket and extend my stay, that is)!

Please share your ideas!

~ Dawn @ Alphabet Salad


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