Newbie Breakfast

Take a deep breath, walk into the room. Some attendees may already be seated, others are milling around. Find an empty seat, and say hello … to another Conference Newbie. Sometimes attending a conference for the first time can be intimidating. BlogHer gets that, which is why we’re offering a separate breakfast for first-timers. During this breakfast, you’ll:

  • - Be welcomed by the BlogHer co-founders
  • - Be given tips and hints for socially navigating the conference from Deb on the Rocks, a veteran attendee and speaker
  • - Learn about sponsor activities and opportunities, and where to find them, from Erin Groh, Sponsor Services at BlogHer
  • - Receive a programming overview to help you make the most of the event from Jes Ferris, BlogHer’s conference programming manager
  • - Meet other attendees in the same Conference Newbie boat