Why Michele Bachmann has to be Double Agent for the Democratic Party.

We want to tell Chris Matthews to take a chill pill and to not get so incensed about the things Michele Bachmann says. For example, in an interview during the mid-term elections, Chris asked Ms....more

The Other Looming Spending Battle - the Debt Ceiling

Centerist Cynic www.whatweshouldknowblog.com  Congress purchased a two week extension in the battle over the 2011 budget on March 2.   Hopefully Congress and the White House will be able to work out their deep differences and avoid a shutdown of the Federal Government before the clock runs out on March 18th..  (See my previous posts here and ...more

Constituency Services Part 3: Guest Post by U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison

The Parade In the summer of 2007, my parents were visiting from Texas over the 4th of July holiday....more

Budget Battles Begin Over Republicans Proposed $61 Billion In Cuts

Centerist Cynic www.whatweshouldknowblog.com We are in the beginning stages of a Federal budget battle.  So here are some of the basics.  The current fight is over both the 2011 and 2012 budgets.  What is taking center stage currently though is what is called a Continuing Resolution for 2011.  The United States is currently operating without a formal 2011 budget.  The Federal Government is being kept open by a stop gap measure called a continuing resolution that provides funding through March 4, 2011....more

Tough State Budget Cuts Are Inevitable

Centerist Cynic www.whatweshouldknowblog.com The combined budget shortfall of all 50 states is somewhere around $125 billion.  There is little or no appetite for raising taxes in the state houses.  States are forced by their constitutions to balance their budgets.  There is little chance the federal aid that allowed states to avoid deep cuts in 2009 and 2010 will be make it out of Congress this year.  That is the situation and it will require states to make deep funding cuts in&...more

The Generation Gap: Did it really go for Democrats?

My Blogher colleague, Karen Bojar, who I previously countered in She vs. Her, writes a rather interesting piece on the generational gap of voters during the recent midterms. Unlike her, I am actually a member of this generation and believe she misses some critical points....more

America’s Message: 2010 Election Recap

Politician in Training If you ask Darling 1 what he wants to be when he grows up, he will tell you: Bruce Springsteen, a base...more

Go Vote: Election Issues that Could Impact Your Family

My Short Political Career The life of a politician is no life fo...more

Michael Bennet's Woman Problem

Colorado’s establishment left claims Republican senatorial candidate Ken Buck has a problem with women. Apparently he is “insensitive.” But it’s really appointed Democratic Senator Michael Bennet and his supporters who have the problem. ...more

The Political Lessons of Christine O'Donnell's Surprise Win

The primary phase of midterm elections is usually considered to be a snooze-fest by journalists and politicos. But not this year. Aside from the attention that Sarah Palin has drawn for the Tea Party, Christine O'Donnell -- and her win in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate seat in Delaware formerly held by Vice President Joe Biden -- has given us pundits more than enough to write about between now and November! ...more

First I have to say that she is crazy. Someone who thinks that there are ...more