The Lessons of NY23 (and NJ and VA)

I've been following these races for quite some time and was glued to the television and Internet as the results came in. A big message was sent to three different entities on election night, a message to:...more

Headed for a Healthcare Showdown?

Right now, I'm watching Democrats hemorrhage Independents in key races, most notably in Virginia. Now, normally, I'd be making conciliatory gestures, convincing myself that I have to focus on 2010, and that the races that mattered haven't happened yet. In fact, they are so far down the road, that its impossible to tell whether tonight will have any impact on them, or whether we've spent every last shred of capital we have nabbing a few races. I'll leave the election analysis to someone else, though. I'm concerned with implications. ...more

If you listened to people coming out of the polls, these elections were dealing with the ...more

New Jersey's Topsy-Turvy Race for Governor

For a lot of national political operatives, the New Jersey governor's race, which wraps up next Tuesday, is a high-stakes game of poker, a test of Pres. Barack Obama's coattails, and a possible foreshadowing of the 2010 Congressional campaigns. For this New Jersey voter, and, I suspect, many others, it's a welcome end to a largely uninspiring partisan snipefest....more

Although I've heard a fair bit of analysis about this race, yours is the most thorough and in ...more

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Its fairly obvious that there's a massive change brewing in the depths of the GOP. Although the Tea Partiers and the "grassroots" have made it clear that Obama is their primary enemy, there's another front that's come to light in this war; the mainstream conservatives are now taking on the tough job of purging their party of big-government bureaucrats from within. Nowhere is that more evident than the battle taking place in NY-23....more

Journalism is dead. Long live journalism!

A new report from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism -- the home of the Pulitzer prizes, no less --  suggests that government funding might be a necessary part of the solution for preserving independent local news reporting. The report has been greeted by reactions ranging from interest to skepticism and outright dismissal. The need to preserve independent journalism...more


Thanks for asking! I really appreciated your article, and agree with your ...more

Obama Administration Support for PATRIOT ACT Renewal Worries Civil Libertarians

Last week, the US Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill reauthorizing controversial provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act that, according to civil libertarians, unnecessarily compromise American citizens' privacy rights. What's worse, the legislation reportedly has the support of the Obama administration, despite the fact that its most troubling provisions were opposed by then-Sen. Obama in 2005. ...more

My senators and asking what they're doing about it.

Thanks for the heads ...more

Getting Mad as Hell on Health Care and Not Taking it Anymore

Women on Capitol Hill seem to be mad as hell when it comes to health care and they're not taking it anymore. This week, women Senators and members of Congress started speaking out collectively about the lack of interest and, perhaps, the lack of respect that women's medical issues are getting in the health care reform debate. ...more

That's a great reminder of how far we have come and how far we have to go.  I wuold love ...more

Taking the Court by Storm

Her nomination to the Court may have been controversial (at least at first, until nearly everyone realized that not only was she qualified, but she was replacing, of all people, David Souter), but brand new Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor is not allowing that to hamper her first week on the bench. Instead, she's proving that she was born for her job....more

Hey Joanne,

Your legal-eagle-eyed view of the SCOTUS proceedings would be a great read. ...more

One Day, No Hate

The political discourse in this country is palpable.  Hell, the monster has a life of it's own and is showing its gnashing, foamy teeth.  There is mudslinging, accusations, and threats being hurled about, shutting down all hope for a real conversation, let alone a clear answer....more

I agree that it is possible. I DO NOT put up with the hate speech.  I call people on it ...more

Frontal Assault on Reproductive Health Care

Senator Debbie Stabenow is on a roll for women's health care. First, she took on Senator Jon Kyl about his proposal that maternity care shouldn't be provided for in the health care reform package: ...more

You are right on the money with this one! It is all about ideology and the pressure the ...more