Should Obama Be Killed Poll is No Joke: Secret Service Investigates

Somebody on Facebook created a disturbing poll with the question "Should Obama Be Killed?" The Secret Service is investigating, confirm news sources, and blogger GottaLaff at The Political Carnival says she's gotten a "thank you" call from the agency for supplying it with a screen shot of the poll. The agency caller told her "without it, they wouldn't have been able to address the matter." She writes: Last night I posted about a scary Facebook entry, specifically a poll asking whether Obama should be killed. ... ...more

Jesse Farmer is not the person who created the Should Obama Be Killed Poll, but he's had to ...more

Michelle Obama - The New Secret Weapon on Health Care?

In the battle for health care reform, the White House has unleashed its new secret weapon -- Michelle Obama! She gave an amazingly inspired speech to the White House Council on Women and Girls last week. The First Lady shared the speaking duties with three women from around the country who shared their stories that proved one of the biggest statements the First Lady made during her remarks -- that women are being crushed by the current health system. ...more

I love our First Lady. And at the same time I'm worried about national health care and our ...more

Obama on Letterman: "I Was Black Before the Election"

The was President Obama's weak-ass excuse to defend the charges of racist rhetoric (via President jimmy Carter's assertion last week) by "Birthers" Town-Hall crackpots and extreme-right wingers whom...yes, you guessed it, are using 'creative' ways to basically say that they have a problem - and some flat-out deny - that their President is an African-America...more

Sometimes we miswrite, sometimes we misread. We're humans. :-) And that's why I like pencils ...more

It's Nothing Personal. Its Political.

I feel like suddenly Dave Matthews has crawled out of nowhere to peddle his influence in the political sphere. Now, honestly, I thought we'd gone beyond this nonsense. Unlike more reputable celebrties with less of a commitment to mediocre elevator music, Dave Matthews seems inequal to the task of really getting into the meat and potatoes of politics. Sure, he might have been on the Rock the Vote tour in 2004, and sure he might now be an expert in environmental policy after he dropped all that waste from his tour bus off the Kinzie Street bridge onto a Chicago tour boat, but, yeah... ...more

First I will apologize to you for one thing and that was my saying when I first responded to ...more

How Will Health Care Reform Address the Shortage of Health Care Workers?

We don't have enough doctors, nurses or allied health personnel in the United States, and many are worried that health care reform will exacerbate existing shortages by bringing millions more patients into an already-overburdened system. That's why I'm surprised that there isn't more discussion about the provisions in the proposed legislation that are intended to increase the ranks of health care professionals.  ...more

Really? I must look that up! My nerdy kids will be interested in this ...more

The ACORN Sting Gives Me Hope for Journalism

Last week a major organizational tool of this administration was dismantled by a couple of college kids who dressed as the Halloween version of a pimp and a hooker. Two college kids did what the major media would not: expose corruption where it was rampant. ...more

Did somebody piss in your cheerios this morning?  It surely was not me. I thought we ...more

Tea (Parties) for Two? There Are Issues That Unite Us, I Swear

Last Saturday, conservative grassroots activists turned out in record numbers to march on Washington in protest against out-of-control spending and an ever-growing government bureaucracy. ...more

Cleon Skousen was known as a far-right conservative crackpot. I just realized it may have ...more

How Much Reform Will There Be in President Obama's Health Plan?

Polls taken immediately after President Obama's health care speech to Congress indicate that many were pleased and excited about what he had to say about health reform. Congresswoman Maxine Waters thinks he hit it out of the park and rallied the Democrats. Surprisingly the online commentary isn't really showin ...more

Conservatives Respond to the President's Congressional Address on Healthcare

Conservatives listened intently to the president's congressional address yesterday evening, including me; I watched it with a friend and live-blogged the event while a local news crew affixed a mic to my shirt and videotaped me in the event that my head exploded. I began compiling a round of of what some of my favorite female conservative bloggers had to say in response to the presidential address; most all shared similar concerns.  ...more

...and Al Gore won a Nobel Prize too. AHAHAHAHAHA. Everyone considers the St. Petersburg ...more

Of Google, Glenn Beck and Van Jones

Let me start by saying that Glenn Beck drives me bananas. Just the sight of him makes me fly into the kind of rage I usually reserve for Joy Behar and people who wear leggings without an appropriately long shirt (they aren't pants. LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS). In fact, I often find myself, when I am at home, alone with a television and an individually-sized Jose Curevo bottled margarita, cursing his very existence and the negative contribution he makes to an already intellectually adrift party. And he needs a new wardrobe. ...more

Princess, I think this is my favorite post of yours that I've ever read on this ...more